About Me

Hello, my name is Zach Twery. I am 18 years old and love technology, especially computers and smartphones. I am usually on the computer. I either am playing games such as BF3. Or on a Forum such as XDA Developers or ROG, which stands for Republic Of Gamers. Why do I like these forums? Well because XDA Developers is a Android community, that is the destination for everyone that loves to tweak their Android device or hack it. The XDA Developer community is also a very nice online community. If you are just having trouble with your Android device you can get help there. Just sign up for an account. I use the ROG forum because I have a computer from them. The specialize in making gaming computers. Their online community is also a nice and active one.
I have an internship with a company that deals with Mobile App Development for cloud spaced parking, Pay by Phone. I am interested in getting a job with computers. For I can also stand being inside a long time. For college I am also, getting a degree called; Computer Technology Integration specialty with Mobile App Development. Which includes web design as well. But I might just take a class on it separately to improve my skills.
Want to contact me? Then shoot me an e-mail here! ThingyTech@gmail.com Also send me an e-mail there if you want to become a moderator or blog post author.
Just thought I would let everyone know this is done with HTML! Also click my photo to go to my Google+ profile. Add me to your circles.