Monday, January 6, 2014

AOKP KitKat Android 4.4.2 for HTC One XL

[ROM][Evita][EON's]AOKP::Unofficial[KitKat v 4.4.2]

version 0.40 beta

Hello have you been looking for an AOKP rom for the HTC One XL? Will if so you've come to the right spot. I am Techinstein on XDA-Developers and compiled my first rom ever. I just happened to choose AOKP. I chose AOKP because will I didn't see 4.4.2 for the Evita and saw AOKP just officially released the rom for 5 devices. So I added HTC One XL to the the unofficial AOKP rom list running as smooth as butter, as AOKP can be right now.  I've even added Viper4Android FX audio, which is an amazing replacement of DSP Manager and  this app is created by XDA-Developers own zhuhang and founded by ViPER520. Along with version 0.40 beta I included Xposed Installer with XHaloOpenWindow preloaded onto the rom, these are made by XDA's rovo89. XHaloFloatingWindow is a Halo like replacement.You just have to install the Xposed framework and activate the module, you might even need to reboot. But before you reboot open up the Viper4Android audio and follow the instructions it provides you and install the audio driver you wish out of; Super High Quality, High Audio Quality, and (will I don't quite remember the last one but I don't recommend that one anyway.) But once you install this reboot and enjoy. Note, that ART does not work at the moment. ART is a cache runtime that replaces Dalvik cache and when fixed in a future update can be enabled by going to developer options and select the runtime setting then choose ART. Everything else about this rom is %100 stable. AOKP just added Immersive mode so click the power button and on reboot menu choose Immersive mode. This hides status bar interactively. Just a small glitch with Google Hangouts app and nothing else. Another cool feature that works great is non-intrusive calling. Which provides a calling logo at the bottom of your screen with contact logo and accept decline. To check the status of AOKP in general please visit the mGerrit app included. Please read the thread on XDA to find out more to download the rom. Report bugs on the forum of this site from now on please. 

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