Saturday, December 14, 2013

SteamOS Beta - Get it Now! - Linux Debian based OS

SteamOS all the power of Valve on its own Linux OS

To be the only & #1 Linux based Gaming OS

     Well its what we gamers and Linux users have been waiting for! We've all heard about Valve's SteamOS rumors and now it's here, at least in beta.  Right off the bat, I only have one complaint and that is the fact it's based off of Debian not Ubuntu, yet STEAM prefers us to use Ubuntu for gaming for Linux.  They mention on their forums that they chose Debian as core for the OS because its easier to develop their new OS.  Oh well it's just going to damper over some of the Android Developers out their that are into gaming. At least Debian based SteamOS includes Apt so we can use are knowledge of apt-get to easily install our sources.  I am new to Android development and am starting to compile roms. Anyways I was tired of Ubuntu's Unity launcher, right on time to test SteamOS beta which is available to the public. Not recommended for less experienced Linux users at the moment.  Below I will link to the downloads for SteamOS.  You need a USB drive and have it formatted to FAT32 via Window's disk management or GParted in Linux.  This link will link to my Forums SteamOS topic, feel free to sign up. Share this forum with your friends and others who want to try out SteamOS.  As far as I know of SteamOS at the moment can still only play Linux Steam games, but mabey they can create a program like wine for the SteamOS only that will run Steam Windows games or even all Windows games if they wanted to bring all gamers and developers to SteamOS.  Shortly I will have a YouTube video of SteamOS.  Steam is also hosting a contest to see who out of 300 people in the world well be able to test they SteamOS box , hardware. Links to all of these will be in my forum. 

Download + Instructions

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