Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Intro to Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander

Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander Tips N Tricks part 1

     When you first get Ubuntu 13.10 you might have trouble understanding the basic concept of Linux in general especially if you're new to it.  
     When you finish installing Ubuntu 13.10 aka Saucy Salamander you'll recognize a completely new UI. The launcher is combined with Unity and Nautilus. Nautilus being the graphical part of the UI. Including the store and other apps. So if Ubuntu asks you to restart Nautilus make sure you're done with what ever your doing and have it saved.  Ubuntu 13.10 like all other versions comes with the Ubuntu Software center, Ubuntu 1 (their cloud based system for music and files etc.)
     Whats special about Ubuntu?  Its a Linux based OS which is made for developers. Or say Android developers.  One thing you'll notice if switching from Windows is that the command prompt is now called Terminal.  Its different then the Mac Terminal so don't go trying those mac commands.
     A little starter  before Tips N Tricks #2. In the Terminal to locate to a directory with in the home folder cd example_folder.  You can also direct to directories within directories.  cd job/job1 which will take your terminal to the folder with in job or folder 2.  To go back one directory enter cd ... to go back to the beginning just type cd enter.  To get root access type in sudo -s and then enter your password.  
     When entering passwords in the Ubuntu terminal nothing shows up! Not even hidden dots.  I recommend downloading a app called Unity Tweak Tool for Ubuntu in the Software Center.  This tool allows you to tweak the Ubuntu look and feel.  Dont mess with it unless you know what it does. Ill teach some stuff coming up. You can change themes from Unity Tweak Tool too.

Get themes here tut 4 each theme! Link...

Please leave a comment and sign up for the forum! I am 1 month new to Linux and Ubuntu 13.10 in general. I am dual booting Windows 8.1 with Linux. Need help installing Ubuntu? Follow me on G+!    or just use the forum. Forum system uses bublaa so all bublaa forum log ins work for all bublaa forums. I am using Ubuntu to compile roms for Android.