Tuesday, December 31, 2013

AOKP KitKat v 4.2.2 for Evita [ROM]

[ROM][Evita][Beta v0.10]Unoffcial AOKP -- EON's [KitKat v 4.4.2]

v 0.20 beta releasing tomorrow


Android Open Kang Project

Yesterday I compiled my first Android rom for the HTC One XL, this rom is AOKP Android 4.4.2. I decided to try and start compiling rom's with a BANG! I noticed that AOKP started Android 4.4.2 roms and only had 5 or so official devices so I thought I would make the first one for evita. I assume AOKP rebuilt their ROM from scratch since their features arn't all their at the moment. Probably soon to come though. So for my first rom I thought more mods? No only good mods, so I added Viper4Android audio which I am in the process of getting official permission to use in the rom. In my opinion V4A is way better then DSP manager. Other than that I added Xposed Installer with permission from XDA-Developer's member rovo89Along with Xposed I added XHaloFloatingWindow which is also bye rovo89 so you can get the effect of halo. Please feel free to visit the thread and try my first rom and the first AOKP 4.4.2 rom for evita. If your a member of XDA please leave your feedback and post bugs their or on this sites forum I will have a section for.


XDA thread for the rom :: Link
XDA member zhuhang's profile page :: Link (V4Audio owner/dev)
XDA member rovo89's profile page :: Link (XposedInstaller owner/dev)