Monday, November 25, 2013

Choosing your Linux Distribution

Linux distro's clones of the penguin.

  I re visit my two favorite Linux distributions.  Ubuntu and Linux Mint.  What is a Linux Distribution? A Linux distribution is a off brand of Linux made by another company such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Their are many other kinds of Linux distro's (distro's is another term for Linux distributions.)  In my opinion I prefer Ubuntu because they have great support and you can easily update your system when there is a new release. While on disto's such as Linux mint you have to re install everything.  Ubuntu and Linux Mint also have great support and community forums.  Ubuntu is on version 13.10 codenamed Saucy Salamander.  While Linux Mint just released Linux Mint 16 codename Petra.  Their are several kinds of Linux Mint.  Cinammon which has a kind graphical user interface, Matte which has a lesser UI and takes some more practice and knowledge of Linux also it is de-bloated which means it comes with less software pre-loaded onto the OS.  Lastly there is XFce which had more pre-loaded software and a  easy to use graphical interface.  Each version has its on UI and takes time to learn especially when switching from Windows.  Back to Ubuntu which has a software center such as Linux and it also had Ubuntu 1 which is Ubuntus cloud software and music store.