Saturday, October 19, 2013

[SOLVED] Fix ASUS G75VW Windows 8.1 Audio Driver

The fix that will make most people be like... Wow, really!

     So Windows 8.1 was released yesterday October, 18 2013.  Many people have been without the subwoofer mono bass that the G75VW comes with when they upgraded their OS to Windows 8.1. Well it took some time but I finally figured out a fix, that is actually really simple.  This brings the VIA HD Driver and HD VDeck back to your G75VW on Windows 8.1!  So here's the solution that was agonizing to find.
     Here's all you have to do.  Google ASUS drivers for your model. For this example.
Google search: ASUS G75VW drivers.  You will see a link that says ASUS support or something like that with download drivers.  As we all know the Windows 8 audio drivers didn't work for, Windows 8.1 which is kind of ridiculous.  So click the which operating system you have dropdown box and click Windows 7.    Download the Windows7 audio driver that matches your operating systems bit.  Use the global download option to download straight to your computer after choosing a save destination.  
Download Windows 8.1 (Windows 7 64bit) Audio Drivers below

Windows 8.1 64 bit: audio driver

     I hope this helped you guys out! If this solved your problem please Google+1 this post share with others you know have a G75VW and upgraded to Windows 8.1! More G75VW and Windows 8.1 TIPS COMING SOON!
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     More posts and YouTube videos on making a Linux Virtual machine and a Windows 7 virtual machine COMING SOON! Why make a Windows 7 virtual machine on a Windows 8.1 OS? Well because with Windows 8.1 Android SD and Android Fastboot, ADB does not work on Windows 8.1 , so a virtual machine is required.  I well soon show you an easy way to install Android SDK and make a Windows 7 virtual machine, specifically for programs you cant run on Windows 8.1, such as Android ADB and Fastboot. 

More posts to come about my new blog series of top Android Apps, Linux Apps, and a new archive called Windows Store Apps A.K.A Windows Apps. Also a new archive will be created for Windows 8.1 tips and tricks and Linux as well.