Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Topics coming soon! Popular ROM's, ROM of Choice, Apps Of The Week, and Linux Mint Activity!

Hello, I have been busy.  I am going to start blogging on my free time again.  I am bringing some new topics along.  Feel free to leave a comment down below or post in the forum. Please sign up for the forum.  Once you sign up through bublaa follow the bubble aka their version of embeddable forums and you'll be able to join others and use it for other websites that host it.

Popular ROM's

This topic will be about popular Android ROM's and their features, and why many people use these ROM's.

ROM of Choice

ROM of Choice well be about ROM's I use and why I like them. Along with their features.  This will be primarily for the "Original Nexus 7" and the AT&T HTC One X".

Apps of the Week

Apps of the week, well it pretty much states it self.  It well be popular apps that I've seen people use or videos about. Or just my reviews and features of these apps.  I well probably make app reviews of each of the App of the Week, apps on my YouTube channel.  You can visit my YouTube channel at ThingyTech on YouTube! Click the YouTube page up on TOP!

Linux Mint Activity

Linux Mint Activity well be about whats hot on Linux particularly Linux Mint. I will be making a YouTube video on how to create a virtual machine of Linux Mint or any other Operating System as well.  I personally have a fixed hard drive space of 300 gbs and 4 gbs of ram out of my 8 gigabytes of ram and 1630 gbs.  Along with 3d acceleration from my NVidia GeForce 660 M.  Virtual machines are useful for people who don't want their entire Operating System to be Linux based or want to be able to play games. Linux can not play much of the applications or games that Windows or even mac can.  Linux is for the geeks.

Note: I am in the process of ordering a Micro SD to SD Card adapter for I have a Micro HDSD card with no SD card adapter or SD Card in general for my camera.  All of my videos well be edited with Sony Movie Studios Platinum 12 AKA Sony Vegas.