Monday, September 16, 2013

Modern Combat 5 Trailer Leak

Recently on the internet their have been leaks of Modern Combat 5 game play from the app by Gameloft.  Gameloft is intending this to be the last of the Modern Combat Series. As the title of the game states; Modern Combat 5 - Last Stand.  Apparently Gameloft has been working on Modern Combat 5 since before, Modern Combat 4 was even released. I thought Modern Combat 4 was a great game.  I personally didn't play it that much, because I am computer gamer. But of the mobile games I played, it the most.  I assume also that Modern Combat 5 well be around 6-7 dollars as the other in the series are when they were first released.  Below I will  post some YouTube video links.  Please be patient and click skip add on the top right after 5 seconds. Whats your opinion? Please leave a comment!

Trailer leaked!  Watch 1:01-1:57

Gameplay demo at E3!

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