Sunday, September 29, 2013

BF4 Pre-loading beta now available!

We  Battlefield  fans are only 2 days away from being able to play BF4  Exclusive  beta for our selves!  You can now pre-load BF4 through Orgin as of the 29th of September.  This makes it so we can start playing as soon as it hits the 1:00 AM on Tuesday morning.  I pre-loaded BF4 on my SSD (Solid State Drive.)  What are you going to be playing BF4 on?  I am on an ASUS G75VW-BBK5 Best Buy Version. An upgraded 250 GB SSD, Samsung 840 series.  Along with an 1TB HD that it came with.  BF4 Exclusive beta only lat until the 4th of  October which I personally think Exclusive should be longer then its Open Beta.  Rumors from the web say the your scores and progress will not be saved when it is officially released.  Finishid this post and my pre load is complete. :D  Add me on Orgin 8BitBacon.  Lets play some BF3 and BF4!