Saturday, August 17, 2013

Windows 8, obtain full administrative controll

Hello. Today I am going to tell you how to gain full administrative control on Windows 8.  Note that I am not responsible for anything you do that can harm your computer.  With full administrative control you can access all of your computer system files and delete any program and file, that you normally couldn't as a regular user.  This makes it easier to remove a virus.  This is going to be a list of steps and visual images, that take you step by step on how to, do it. (Pun intended.)


  1. Go to desktop mode, by clicking the desktop panel on the Metro style user interface.

2.  It should now look like so...  Of course with your own background.  The screenshot of the game in the background, at the moment is called Panzar.  A free to play MOBA which means a player vs player based game.

3.  Now mouse over to the right hand side on any corner of the screen.  A bar should appear.  Click on the search icon for the computers apps.  Then search computer management.... Click on that.  It should look like this.

4.  Once you click on that an app well open up called Computer Management.  Look on the tab on the left hand side of the application.  Click Local Users and groups --> Then click the folder icon with Users which will now be on the center location of the app and well look like this. Once you click users.

5.  Now you will see a list of users.  Look for the name Administrator.  --->  Right click on that user.  ---> Then click properties.
6.  Once you see this box that says Administrator properties uncheck Account is disabled. 
7.  Now go back to the Metro user interface. 
8.  Click on your current user name and then Administrator will pop up as a username to log into.
9.  Once you click Administrator under username to log into.  You will be in the Administrator account.  
10. From their create a password for the Administrator account under the control panel, which you can get to by going to the right side of the screen and mousing over to any corner.  Then click settings.   And then go to users and accounts.  
11.  From their you should see an option to add a password.
12.  Adding a password is option but keeps any other of the computers users from accidentally messing up the computer by deleting a file they shouldn't.