Monday, August 26, 2013

Release Date for BF4 Beta Announced on Orgin - Screen Shot Included

If you have pre-ordered any version of BF4 you will receive beta access. Or if you have bought Medal Of Honor Warfighter you will also receive beta access. EA just released the date for when Beta starts.  Above is proof in Orgin.  Or go to My Games in Orgin and hover over BF4 beta and it says! September 30th, 2013 @ exactly 8:08 PM! That means we can experience BF4 starting then.  You can even pre load AKA install BF4 on your computer on September 27th, 2013  8:00 PM.  So that means you can play the exact minute the servers open.  According to EA Beta participants will be able to play Parcel Storm!  And the only mode available for beta will be Conquest.    Excited for Beta! Did you have access? Watch my YouTube video 8 minutes long of my 1st commentary of me playing BF3 during the 120 hour double EXP weekend and talking about some BF4 features. Links will be posted here and on my video of the features and system requirements.

Also, according to EA, AMD is now the sponsor of BF4.  Which in my opinion is hilarious. What do you think and what processor well you play on!?

Tired of me talking in the video? Skip to 4:08 for awesome gameplay. Keep in mind its my first commentary.

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