Thursday, August 15, 2013

BF4, what do you think?

What do you think about the upcoming BF4?

Known features and other information about BF4.

                               Battelfield 4 is going to be the newest addition to the
                         Battelfield series.  Electronic Arts, is making one of the best
                         MMO FPS's even better!  For their Android and iOS Battelog
                         application you will be able to control and view everything.
                         from your soldiers stats to being able to change your characters
                         load out and applying it while you are in game.

 DICE updated the games leaderboard system as well. Where you
can see your friends and global stats of players from around the world.
 Now dice has made it so you can use your player stats and change your soldiers load out from any device!

DICE, also decided to bring back Battlefields, original Commander
Mode! Now you will be able to play BF4's Commander Mode 
on any PC and or tablet.  So when you are on the go, you can
lead a squad and launch missiles as well as direct them to 
an enemy target from your tablet while you are away! This is also
the worlds first integrated PC game where you can even play on a
mobile device. You will be able to view other characters from, their
perspective and see what they see.


Also what do you think about BF4? Have you pre-ordered? Whats your Battelfield console or PC playing preference?  Please leave a comment and share with your friends. Comments are hosted through Google +.  


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