Thursday, July 18, 2013

Website Background?

Do you guys like the new website background?  I did bacon and matrix style because ThingyTech AKA only me at the moment runs it and I started a Bacon Facebook page called Bacon 101! Which you can check out here!  This is the only Facebook page that is truly dedicated to Bacon!  With interesting facts and photos, of well... Bacon, of course.  I am deleting the Facebook page ThingyTech and merging it with Bacon 101 so more people that like Bacon 101 can also find out about Tech.  Please follow me on Twitter for your daily dose of technology.  Well now it's mostly #MicrosoftMonday which is interesting facts about Microsoft and #AppleFriday which is interesting facts about Apple.  Throughout the rest of the week there well be post on cool things I find about technology that are interesting.  Click the link to go to our profile! Please follow us.  You can also subscribe to the YouTube channel just click YouTube at the top.  From my YouTube channel you can easily access all of my social media profiles.  Technology + Bacon = Life