Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Final Smashdown #1 Mario and Wario

This is the first official video of The Final Smashdown!  Created by me Zach Twery and Nickysan who does not want her name spread.  We both did the recording, I did the editing.  :P  We both came up with the idea.

American Baseball STYLE Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament
- We created a list of characters of similarity or of opposite  for the Character lineup.
Object #1 The Gooey Bomb AKA the Baseball
Object #2 The Baseball Bat AKA the Baseball Bat. No shit!
Objective:  Stock 3 lives and your out!  AKA 3 strikes and you're out!

Please like, comment subscribe and share with your friends.  The first video I edited using a professional movie editing software called Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.  AKA Sony Vegas!  Have tips for me please comment or contact me through my website contact page!

  Here is the video enjoy!

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