Friday, July 12, 2013

TAT@ThingyTech On Twitter!

#1 Source 4 your daily dose of tech facts!

I changed my personal Twitter account to the websites Twitter account.  I also do some personal public Tweets, as well.  ThingyTech's Twitter is called TAT@ThingyTech.  This is the Twitter for you to find your #1 source of daily tech facts!  This week there was #AppleMonday and #MicrosoftFriday, but next week I am switching it to #MicrosoftMonday and #Apple Friday.  Because #MicrosoftMonday just makes sense.  I use a service called HootSuite so I am not actually on Twitter 247.  You can find more on HootSuite in my previous post or the the blog archive Cool Things!  Please follow ThingyTech's Twitter TAT@ThingyTech here!