Friday, July 12, 2013


 The new way to OWN the WATER!

The official JetLev website:!/page_about

The JetLev was invented by Raymond Li.  Raymond Li stated  "When I was 14 years old, I watched James Bond fly a jetpack in the movie "Thunderball," and I have dreamed of flying one ever since.  However, after decades of patiently waiting, jetpack technology didn't get any closer to mainstreaming personal flight … so, I decided to invent a machine that would." 

JetLev is a pretty new company that has released a way you can fly above or under water, as well as dive like a dolphin.  Even go up to 30 - 40 feet above or below water!  Below well be the links to the website and some cool videos!  You can buy a JetLev for around $68.000!  They have a power board option and a jet pack!  JetLev devices require a certain license and training provided on the website before you can buy and use them anywhere.  JetLev is Approved by the US coast guard.

JetLev -- How It Works Video:
Water Jet Pack: Get High with JetLev Video:
Flyboard - Coolest Water Jet Pack EVER!!! Video:

I did not make these videos nearly just found them and wanted to share what do you think?