Sunday, July 7, 2013


Are You a Twitter Fanatic and want to minimize the amount of Time you spend on Twitter!?  Or be able to schedule future Tweets?

HootSuite is a great online web service that helps you, minimize the time you spend on social media.  For say, you manage a Twitter association such as Fact@Fact.  This is a great Twitter to follow if you view your Twitter profile every now and then to view and follow funny shit!  Fact@Fact also tweets interesting facts, that you may not have known or wished not too.  Once you start following a Twitter association such as Fact@Fact you start to wonder how they have the time to tweet that much!?  Well the thing is they are probably using a service such as HootSuite.  HootSuite is not a spam unless the user makes it. You give HootSuite your Twitter username and password and it's a Twitter app.  What HootSuite does is allow you to schedule Tweets! So so you have a couple of free hours and nothing to do or you love tweet and want to manage your time.  You can schedule Tweets to tweet automatically to your Twitter at a certain time and day.  HootSuite is not only just for Twitter but for other social media platforms as well. You can use HootSuite for FREE! Here's what the plans look like and registration only takes 60 seconds! Unless you're blind!  No offense to anyone. Google+1 this!
 I was not posting for the past week because I was on vacation.  I also ordered Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 for video editing with Amazon Prime free 30 day trial. Haha.  Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 is on sale from its original price $129 on Amazon for $68!  So if you want a good movie editing software now is your chance!  I finally got one!  Or at least it's on the way!  Then I will start releasing more of The Final Smashdown Series because Windows Movie Maker doesn't seem to work.  Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 is actually the renamed Sony Vegas 11 so now you know you are getting a good deal.