Friday, July 12, 2013


How to Wipe Your Android Device using TWRP RECOVEY 

This post well be in the video comments with a link to it to show you how to save storage on your Android Device  whether or not it is rooted.

To watch the video on how to wipe your Android device follow this link:

To save storage on any Android Device even if it is not rooted or unlocked.
  1. Go to your Android Device settings.
  2. Find storage.
  3. You should see, or know if you have a SD card or two separate internal storage spaces.
  4. Then in this tab there should be an button area that says Make More Space and one that says Uninstall Apps.
  5. Click Make More Space or something similar to that and follow the instructions and choose what things you want to delete.
  6. You should already know that clicking Uninstall Apps well allow you to choose which apps to uninstall except for the Bloatware apps AKA the apps pre-loaded by the cellular carrier.
  7. Go back to settings
  8. Click Apps
  9. Then you can click on apps and you should see an option to move the apps to another storage space within the device.
  10. You can click on the Bloatware apps you don't want and click clear defaults and then you can click disable which well disable the app and save storage space!

Using Cloud Based Storage Services To Your Advantage, even Facebook!

If you have a Android phone such as the AT&T HTC One X or the HTC One X.  You do not have any options for external storage.  YES THAT MEANS NO SD CARDS! You can use cloud storage services to save, storage.  Such as Dropbox, or Copy. Even Facebook!  You can upload all of you'r photos or documents even back up zip files to any of these services.  Facebook is only for photos.  You can even use Google Drive connected through all of your Google service to store zip files , such as custom ROMS boot animations and more to save space.  With these cloud storage spaces you can take advantage of them and gain the most from your phones storage!