Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What can you do with ViperRom that you couldn't do with the original software?

ViperRom is different because when you install it you can eliminate all of those apps that the carrier loads onto your device that you wont even use and wastes space.  You can also keep certain ones and get rid of the ones you want. 

  • You have the option to install ViperRom with Sense if you are using a sense enable phone such as the HTC One or remove it completely and use a launcher.  You have two launcher options when installing which is Nova launcher or Apex launcher.  Of course in the Play Store you can download and use whatever launcher you want.  
  • Venom Tweaks which is a "HUGE collection of customizable tweaks" that most other roms don't have."  Such as the following...
-  Through Venom Tweaks you can customize the Status Bar, Colors, Lockscreen, Buttons, Misc, Advanced, and CPU.  In the status bar section of Venom Tweaks you can customize the vertical quick settings which is a feature added to the notifications pull down menu where you can click quick settings and access a bunch of quick settings.  Obviously.  You can enable or disable these quick settings as well.  You can also customize which quick settings are available and the theme icons, specifically for the quick settings.  In the status bar section you get status bar tweaks as well where you can customize the status bar icon theme.  You can download icon themes for the status bar through the Venom Hub which is provided by the rom.  You can hide notification icons.  Change and tweak the battery.  Tweak the clock center it get rid of the am or pm and change the color to any color you want.  In the notifications section you can customize the carrier label to make it say anything you want as well.  Have the option to enable or disable the carrier icon.  Or you can customize it to whatever carrier logo you want, also through the Venom Hub.  Lastly in the Status Bar section you can tweak the header, weather, background image, or availability of the status bar. As well as customize quick actions.  One more thing, you can have the original sense multi task look or you can change it to the jellybean style look.
-  In the Color section of the tweaks you can tweak pretty much anything you would want to change the color of.
- Lockscreen section tweaks; enable disable AOSP lockscreen style,  orientation, carrier label  (you can change it to what ever you want) or hide it completely, change tweak or hide the clock, customize or disable able the shortcuts.
- Buttons section which speaks for it self you can tweak the buttons and capacitive gestures here.\\
- In the Misc section you can tweak the phone info, animations, overscroll color, LCD density, backlight brightness, rotations, and many more such as Sony BRAVIA Engine custom music app.
-In the advanced section you can customize the boot and down animations boot sound, clean cache and many other advanced tweaks.
- In the CPU section you can customize the governor and the scheduler along with different frequencies if you are an advanced user or know what you are doing.
  • Venom HUB is Venom ROM's app where you can download themes, read news, or send feedback.
  • Venom OTA which is Venom ROM's over the air updates.
  • Venom's SuperUser
  • Venom File Manager
  • Venom Equalizer
  • Venom Sidebar
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • All Google Play apps you choose are downloaded to latest verion
  • AdAway