Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ubuntu What is it?

2nd post using HTML since I completed 73% of HTML on CodeAcademy

What Exactly Is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a open source operating system. Also, a distribution of Linux. The people who run Ubuntu started Ubuntu for us regular people, business people, and for those developers out there. According to this articles source Ubuntu runs on millions of computers.

Ubuntu's Features
  • Different service plans
  • Office applications known as Libre
  • The obvious web browsing
  • An app that connects all of your e-mail and social services
  • Music through Rhythmbox
  • Application Store
  • Photos and Videos
  • Ubuntu One
  • 5 or more GB's of cloud storage
  • File sharing throughout your Ubuntu One account
  • Across many platforms
  • Mobile access

Why would I switch/use Ubuntu

Some people might use or switch to Ubuntu just to try a new Operating System. People who code can also benifit from using Ubuntu after using it for a while. You also, don't need to wipe your entire OS to install Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution. You can watch my YouTube video to find out how to install Ubuntu onto an external usb hard drive. Here is the link to my YouTube video on how to, link below.

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