Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Orca Project, Orca Bigfoot 4.2+ Features

Ok so recently I mentioned I switched to the ROM by, The Orca Project which is the second series or milestone of the ROM called Orca Bigfoot, this is 4.2+. I am now going to list the features of the ROM for you guys so you know what you are getting.

  • Bigfoot Settings
  1. Various interface controls such as; navigation bar customization, navigation ring, ribbons, lockscreen and general UI.
  2. Various statusbar controls such as; toggle customization, battery style customizations, clock customizations, and signal customizations
  3. A couple of system controls such as sound and installer.
  • Orca Tools
  1. General UI customization such as; pie controlls (Paranoid Android), low battery warning, expanded desktop.
  2. Keyboard control such as; show enter key option, disable/enable full screen keyboard, auto keyboard rotation.
  3. Lockscreen controls such as;  see through lockscreen, background customization, and screen security.
  4. Statusbar and notification drawer controls such as; breathing sms, breathing missed call, wifi network name, notification shortcuts, notification behavior, notification icon opacity, and power widget.
  5. Clock controls
  6. Sound controls such as; headset, adjust volume sound, and swap volume buttons.
  • Themes
  1. States the obvious like any other Cyanogenmod theme.
  • Hybrid Settings
  1. AKA Paranoid Android settings such as UI display options; PA colors; Stock UI, Phablet UI, and three different varieties of Tablet UI.
  • Performance Control
  1. AKA The Orca Projects personal variant CPU management similar to SetCPU.
  • All other Android settings SuperUser included and Developer Options enabled.
  • DPI settings
  • ROM Updates via GOO Manager, built in
  • Orca and Bigfoot custom wallpapers
  • Chronus
  • Sound Recorder
  • Device Parts for Available Devices
  • Expandable sound settings
  • NFC Profiles
  • DSP Manager and Apollo player
  • Transparent Statusbar and Nav Bar options
  • DeskClock with flip alarm and shake off
  • AOKP MMS with color theming options
  • Build prop tweaks
  • Init.d Tweaks
  • NFC Polling
  • Quite Hours
  • Headset music app launch
  • CMFile manager and Theme Manager
  • ORCA Stats
  • Vertical CRT, turn on or off
All features of this ROM were handpicked by The Orca Project team from AOKP, CM, and Paranoid Android.