Sunday, June 9, 2013

Switching ROM's, HatKaXL and Orca Bigfoot 2+

     Ok guys so as you know in a previous post I discussed how AOKP did not work on the AT&T HTC One X.  Well I didn't want to go back to Viper XL rom because of all the bugs on the stock Jellybean base for the One XL with Viper.  If you love customization features, status bar tweaks, and many more and did not have a stock Jellybean AT&T HTC One X. I would say give Viper XL a shot! Here is the link for ViperXL! Viper ROM is also available on many other devices including international versions.  Now on my AT&T HTC One X, I am using HatkaXL.  HatkaXL is for the great stock experience they have a Sense 4+ version and a Sense 5 version.  HatkaXL.  Has many great features, but no over board theming. You can get HatkaXL here!!  HatkaXL is supposed to have amazing battery life and be extra buttery smooth, so far I can only confirm the buttery smoothness.  I also flashed the kernel Elemental X 6.7 the latest version which you can get here!  On the AT&T HTC One X it is safe to overclock to 1.73 GHz on Elemental X. Elemental X has so far caused no problems with HatkaXL either.
     Now to talk about the Nexus 7!  On my Nexus 7 I have the wi-fi 32 GB.  The wi-fi version is called the Grouper for anyone that did not know.  AOKP worked and I liked it, except that the Navigation Bar was always transparent on the home screen and some launchers caused it to lag. You can check AOKP out at!  AOKP is available on most devices!  Check to see if it works on yours!  I did some ROM research and found The Orca Project.  Its name even sounds EPIC!  The latest ROM series is called Orca Bigfoot 2+!  There are nightly versions and stables.  Go to The Orca Projects website here!!  If you notice that on their homepage it says "NOT YOUR AVERAGE ANDROID ROM. FIRST WE FREED WILLY, NOW WE FOUND BIGFOOT."  I assume that is there homepage motto because the first ROM created by The Orca Project was called The Orca Project.  And now its called Orca Bigfoot 2+.  There main motto is "ALL ABOUT SHAMU POWERED ROMS." As you can guess all of there ROMS have Orca in it. According to The Orca Project's about page it contains the most features which was hand picked by the owners. The Orca Project in general is based off of AOSP with features from many roms including these! AOKP, CyanogenMod, ParanoidAndroid, and Root-Box Tools.  Since The Orca Bigfoot Project has features from ParnoidAndroid they decided to take PIE controlls which is an amazing multitasking feature, and %100 customizable.  I well be back posting about the updates of Orca Bigfoot 2+ , nightlies as well as HatkaXL.  Along, with my opinions and how to,s.  More pictures will be posted on my blog once I get a new camera!  What ROM's do you use!  Comment below!