Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Switched back to Viper XL rom on the AT&T HTC One X

On my AT&T HTC One X for the 100th time I switched ROM's.  I decided to go back to Viper XL.  Why did I switch to Viper XL?  Well...  The AT&T HTC One X that comes stock Jellybean on some devices reacts funky with custom kernels.  So I thought if I am not going to have a custom kernel why not go back to my all time favorite rom!  Viper XL is my favorite rom because of all of the customizations and tweaks that come with it!  As well as its very own Venom Hub!  The Venom Hub is their version of HTC Hub.  It takes you to all the customizations you can download and install for their custom rom. With the stock kernel and the Viper XL rom there are no random reboots, at least for me.  If you have random reboots on a custom rom, just keep testing different kernels with it as well as kernel settings.  If you are having the exact problem as me you might need to just use a stock kernel.