Sunday, June 9, 2013

Narwhal the unicorn of the sea

So first off I'll start wit the facts provided by National Geographic.
   Narwhals are (fact)...
      13 to 20 feet long
      3,500lbs in weight
      They're size is like a bus:
National Geographic.Narwhal


 Now according NG and other sources they are unmythical but F*** them.
So now I'll begin these long ago Narwhal's started or reinforced the unicorn theory. Many believed that the Narwhals  tusks (or extremely large tooth) was a unicorn horn.
Now weather unicorns ever existed it widely skepticized. In my belief if they existed they may have evolved from land mammal, to sea mammal. However if this occurred I would be afraid of unicorns because keep in mind that Narwhals are carnivores.
  Soooo... if unicorns were carnivorous it would be like a unicorn apocalypse (I am not supporting the game in any way).

Oh... did you know that their "horns" are actually one large canine? But acknowledging that would be less fun. It would be like this...
Narwhal technically are...

Personally in my opinion Narwhal's need mustaches. however to me Narwhals are simply...
Now I know this post makes no sense but whatever I don't give ya any. So thanks for reading my nonsense.


Bye Bye...