Saturday, June 8, 2013

Me on Orgin. Whos excited for BF4 multiplayer demo!

On Orgin I decided to change my username from Techinstein to 8BitBacon.  Why did I want to change my username?  I wanted to change my username because, I was getting tired of having the same username on all games and forums.  I also love bacon and technology.  I love Epic Meal Time as well and have the bacon wallet, belt, and just ordered the 2013 Limited Edition Bacon Light Up shirt from Electric Threads.  They are one of the main brands of the light up clothing.  The light up clothings they produce are as well wash-able.  Anyways back to the topic.  Anyways so I was thinking at the beach and thought, wow 8BitBacon sounds like a cool username!  So so as mentioned before it is my username across all my Orgin games.  I have also pre-ordered the next gen game BF4 on Orgin as well. I am excited for the multiplayer demo EA is going to have.  You can read more about the demo dates here!  Man EA better be hoping that COD: GHOSTS doesn't out beat them.  COD:GHOSTS is also going to be having their demo at E3 on June 9th which is the same place as EAs demo.  At least I have dual monitors to watch both demos at the same time!  What do you think?  Which game do you prefer?  Comment below!! I love both games and am thinking on pre-ordering either COD:GHOSTS or Assassins Creed V either way I will eventually get both. :D  With this new gaming technology I also got myself a SSD by Samsung the 840 250 GB alongside by 1TB HDD which is just storage but can still run applications and games.