Saturday, June 22, 2013

iOS7 what to expect

The new iOS7, what to expect and my opinion

Coming from a guy who is all about technology

Say goodbye to the original slide to unlock

Apple  well be releasing the new, iOS7 this fall!  I well be telling YOU! What I think of the new iOS7.  Along with my perspective as an Android and iPhone user.  Just click keynote to watch it, after you read this.  As mentioned on Apple's website,  iOS7 well be bringing an all new UI (for all those that don't know what UI means, it is User Interface.) Since the first iPhone to iPhone 4S we have had a pretty similar UI.  The only thing that has changed was 4 x 4 icons to 5 x 4 icons.  The Apple store has also changed looks and design.  With iOS7 the entire UI has changed from the lockscreen to weather, camera, and the home screen.  As well as everything else. Features of the iPhone have be changed and improved, an example is the multi tasking.  In my honest opinion of owning an AT&T HTC One X and an iPhone before it looks like they are using a similar multi tasking style to Sense.  Transparence has been added so whenever you change your wallpaper it looks like you changed the whole look of the phone!  Siri has been improved with changeable voices from male to female.  Siri is also a lot smarter and does a lot more.  Overall it's going to be a brand new Apple experience, unlike any other.  Apple has been changed and is growing.  Google AKA Android is also growing.  Microsoft is right by all of them, along with Sony.  Whos going to win the race?