Thursday, June 13, 2013

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition makeshift tri-pod using a part of the box!

GoPro or GoHome

Hello everyone, I finally got a new camera and it's the GoPro Hero 3 you might be asking how can you make videos with a GoPro.  Well the kind I want to make for YouTube besides cool sporty ones.  Well first off don't throw away the box!  If you notice it doesn't come with a tri-pod all you need is 3 rubber bands and the part of the box. To be specific the part of the box on the top that holds the camera.  The flat part connected to the box where the camera is attached. Take it off as seen in the picture and rubber band it to the tri-pod so you can use it for other things later on and ot her than just GoPro's!  Anyways for the videos the GoPro camera has an app, coincidentally called the GoPro App which you can get on iTunes or the Play Store.  Here is a photo and a link to download the app!  With the app you can connect to your cameras wi-fi.  Wait there is a password! Well its simply, goprohero!  Okay now that you are connected you can see your what the camera sees by clicking the eye but it only works on pictures not while your recording.  This allows you to adjust the position correctly.  So you can make the perfect video.  When you get a GoPro you can then also get their free movie editing software from the link I well provide to their site.  Sorry for the pictures fuzziness.
For the apps 
- Exactly what the app does
- Google Play Store:  GoPro App
- iTunes:  GoPro App

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