Friday, June 21, 2013

First impression of Diablo III, my first Blizzard game and experience

Diablo III is the third of the Diablo series, obviously.  Diablo III is a RPG unlock any other.  Do not buy Diablo III if you are in it for the PVP (Player Vs Player.)  Blizzard has mentioned that they are working in implementing a PVP into Diablo III as a separate part of the game.  Unlike other RPG's Diablo III is a one time pay for the whole game, no monthly fees.  Though there is an auction house which you can buy things with real money, this is not necessary to win the game. AKA P2W (Pay2Win).  Diablo III has changed my mind about RPG's and what I think about them.  I used to be the guy that only plays FPS's (First Person Shooters).  Not for the story either. For the online I enjoyed.  If you are reading this looking for a game with awesome PVP go buy yourself BF3, nah JK.  Pre-order BF4.  The Battelfield series for those that don't know.  With Diablo III you can play your story line and then play it with other players from around the world now that's fun!  Playing a story with other people.  There is lobby chat which no one really uses in game, besides they are trying to focus. : l  Diablo III  if for the person that has ever thought about playing an RPG that kicks ass.  Diablo III is a horror based game, hints the name Diablo.  Screenshots well be added to this post at a later time along with a video.  Note: Like many RPG's there are several classes you can choose from each with there own ability.