Thursday, June 13, 2013

BF4 Commander Mode, combined tablet, PC, console gameplay

Hello everyone.  Have you been tuned in for BF4 information on,, or TWITCH TV?  If you have you should have heard of Commander Mode.  If not you can watch the video about it here!  A new kind of gaming  the Battelfield way!  From a tablet to PC or console you can play commander mode.  From what I understand on the table PC or consoles you will be able to play commander mode from your system with other games that are going on with other systems!  Say you're away without your computer and you have a Battelfield crave.  Just open pop out your tablet and open the app, and play Commander Mode!  You do what's best for your team.  Launch missiles from a tablet to a Xbox360 to take out an enemy tank!  This is a new kind of gaming never imagined of before.  Are you ready to be a Commander of your team!?  View what your teammates are doing from their eyes on your tablet, drop supplies and more!  Its the Battelfield or nothing.

Some late BF4 desktop images for eyecandy.