Saturday, June 8, 2013

AOKP Nightly Update! 2013-06-09

AOKP has been updated.  AOKP does not really have version numbers for the nightly it is already
in milestone 1.  So I will be announcing the updates by the dates.  So todays AOKP update is
2013-06-09!  So lets Kang.  For those who did not know AOKP's motto is Android. Infused With Magical Unicorn Bytes.  Which is why I also assume their logo is a unicorn. You can update your device here!!  It is my first time switching both my AT&T HTC One X and Nexus 7 to different roms!  So when I notice features getting added I well update you guys as well. My previous rom on my AT&T HTC One X was Viper XL 3.2.8 but it is awesome except it is really buggy still on the stock Jellybean firmwares of the AT&T HTC One X's. So I decided to switch both devices to AOKP.