Wednesday, June 26, 2013

About Viper ROM & Features

Viper XL ROM 3.2.8

Viper ROM is one of the most customizable ROM's you can ever use.  For this I well be specifically talking about Viper XL ROM for the HTC One XL known as the AT&T, Telus, and Rogers HTC One X.  Above is the actual logo for the ROM I which I have permission to use from Turge on XDA Developers.  If you love to tweak and customize your device than the ViperXL ROM is the the custom ROM for you!  Now for a list of the AMAZING features! All future updates of the ROM well be here!!!  On the website!

  • Based on the firmware version 3.17.661.2 
  • Multi - language.
  • Aroma Installer v2.51 (An installer with choices that makes ROM's easier to install,  I would suggest looking for ROM's with Aroma installer.
  • Deodexed & Zipaligned using SDK r20.0.1
  • Supercharged services.jar
  • Init.d support
  • Memory optimizations
  • Ramdisk Tweaks
  • Venom Tweaks - Which is a HUGE compilation of customizable tweaks
  • Venom Hub - Which is ViperXL ROM's HTC HUB (HaHa) where you can download themes, kernels, radios, read news, and is where you can send feedback and report bugs, with a built in video recorder.
  • Venom OTA - Receive automatic over-the-air system updates.
  • Venom SD Manager - Mount your device as a mass storage device to your computer.
  • Venom Sound Manager - Comes with Beats Audio, SRS, Digital, custom Equalizer, etc.
  • Venom SuperUser
  • Venom File Manager
  • Custom Venom Package Installer
  • Custom Venom Download UI (User Interface, for those that don't know.)
  • Horizontal and Vertical extended Quick settings.
  • Advanced Power menu ( reboot, reboot recovery, reboot bootloader, screenshot, power off, etc.)
  • All Google Play store apps
  • Latest hosts file (AdAway)