Thursday, June 13, 2013

About LMT Launcher, how to use

LMT Launcher is an app that is the ultimate tool for all most all Android Devices, test it to see if it works on yours!  LMT Launcher is not in fact a launcher.  LMT Launcher is PIE Controls.  What are PIE Controls? PIE controls is a feature created by Paranoid Android, that allows you multitask fluently and efficiently. You can customize the parts of the PIE to make it launch whatever app or perform whatever function you want.  LMT Launcher also works on Android Devices that are not rooted or unlocked!

As you can see this is working over Nova Launcher which shows it well work with all launchers.

In the settings menu of LMT Launcher you should scroll down to Show App images, touch it and make the number from 0 to 1 or App images well not show it well say APP!

This is what PIE well look similar to once configured.  You well have  the option to have it enable when you slide your finger from the right of the screen to the left of the screen to the top or bottom.  Note: That if you have virtual home, recent , and menu buttons the bottom one well not work for the menu interferes unless you have a full screen mode.

Example of swipe from the right.

Example of swipe from the left.  Not whole thing shows, sorry clicked power button to do screenshot and pie timing, you'll understand.

 Settings tab change all the values and functions of the PIE controlls.

 You can change the color of the PIE controlls to any color you want using the hex values.
 Isa as seen in the picture stands for Invisible swipe area which is like a gesture.

 Customize which actions or functions are in each layer of the PIE controll.  PIE item #1 is on the top of the pie while #4 is at the bottom of the PIE.  You can have long press shortcuts and functions as well.

 This app can be found you must have unknown sources enabled, to download this app, it is not in the app store but by someone from the XDA Developer community whos username is noname81.  Feel free to add me in XDA Developers as well if you can't guess my username then your a shame. Nah JK, it's Techinstein.  Share with others.  Join the forum! Of mywebsite!  Once you sign up through Bublaa and verify go back to my site and click forum then click join Bubble!  Google+ this!