Saturday, May 25, 2013

Why would you want to hack your Android smartphone? Android hack, terminology and basics

A great source for all your Android Hacking needs is @ or YouTube for visual tutorials.

Android is obviously a popular Operating System for mobile devices created by Google.  Many people love Android because you can hack pretty much any of the devices with Android.  First off, most people call Android hacks in other forms such as.

  • Bootloader: The bootloader is basically a BIOS like Windows has for managing all of the computers advanced functions.
  • Unlock: Unlocking your Android device is the first step in hacking your Android smartphone.  Being Unlocked allows you to root your device,
  • S-Off: S-Off means security off, which you only need to perform once.  This well allow to always root  your Android device.  S-Off is highly preferred. Say you want to go back to stock software that is updated then they patch the unlock method.  S-Off well allow you to root.
  • ROOT: Rooting your device gives you advanced system privileges.
  • SU:  SU stands for SuperUser which again is an application usually provided by the root method.  If it is not provided by the root method you can get it from the Google Play Store here: SuperUser is a user interface application that allows you to give apps with higher privilege access. An example of an App that needs SuperUser access is SetCPU which allows you to manage and overclock your Android Device.  You can get SetCPU here at Google Play:
  • ROM's: ROM's are basically custom operating systems usually open source that allow people to customize their phone more than you could without being on a ROM.  There are many ROM's you can choose from you can test them all out!  Here is a list of some ROM's.  I put ViperRom first because it is my favorite and allows you to customize the look of your phone an anyway you can imagine!  Viper Rom is for many different Android phones.  Their website is here: Click the names of the ROM to find out more about it.
  • KERNEL's: There are many different types of kernels.  Kernels are like the base of the software.  Kernels are the base of the software like how everything works through the system or rom.  People can code these kernels specifically for different devices to make the have better battery life, etc.   
  1. ViperXL which is specifically for the HTC One X/XL for these carriers; AT&T, Telstra, Rogers, Telus, Vodafone, and O2.  Their personal website is at:
  2. Cyanogenmod, which works for many phones just click devices on their website.  Cyanogenmod is probably one of the worlds most popular ROM's and I am sure we have all heard of it at least once.  It works on phones and tablets as well.
  3. AOKP: AOKP stands for Android Open Kang Project.  AOKP is for many devices even tablets.
  4. CleanROM: CleanRom is a popular ROM with many customization's as well.  Their personal website is at
  5. Their are many more you can find these are just a few of the popular ROM's to find more go to:
  • More deep customization for your Android device
  • Customizable ROM's each with their own way of deep customization
  • Able to remove carrier bloatware
  • Enhancements specific and vary to your device and ROM

  • Your warranty is now void
  • You may brick or hard brick your phone.  (This mean you can never use it again and you may not be able to return it, sometimes you can.) 
  • When hacking your Android device without external storage slot you well have to re install everything.
NOTE: Use Google contacts so you can just log in to your Google account on your device and your contacts well not be lost.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone do this at your own risk.  I am only providing the information.