Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ubuntu 13.04

Raring Ringtail

Ubuntu version 13.04 is nicknamed the Raring Ringtail.  Ubuntu uses different names to classify their software versions.  According to Ubuntu's website their next version 13.10 well be named the Saucy Salamander.  Too see a list of all of their software versions refer to the link below.

As of this week I am a new Ubuntu user, I have Raring Ringtail installed on my external hard drive of  500 GB's.  So far Ubuntu has been a pleasant experience.  Yet if its your first installation of one to put on an external hard drive quite frustrating.  I well be making a video on how to step by step.  As of now I installed my computers latest NVidia's graphic driver manually through Ubuntu's system terminal Ctrl-Alt-F1.  Along with Ubuntu tweaks. Spotify, and theme icons, along with Ubuntu's version of Chrome called Chromium.  I well keep the blog updated on my Ubuntu experience.  Along with software reviews once I get a screen capture for it.  Since I well hopefully be getting a new camera, after graduating high school in 10 days.