Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Android Tablets

     Android is one of the many company's to be on top for smartphones and tablets.  There are a wide variety of     tablets you can get for Android.  In my opinion you can get double what you would buy for an iPad mini 64 GB's then any Android tablet.  Well on Android you're connected to the entirety of Google.  That means on any Android device you can connect to your Google account which syncs you to your; GMail,  GTalk, GMaps, GMusic, and Google's famous Play Store.  Now a days you also need a Google account to connect to YouTube.  With Google Music you get to have 20,000 songs in what I like to call the Google Cloud.  In Google's Play Store, you can buy apps on one device then download them on another device.  Similar to Apple's iTunes store.  I well list many of Androids top tablet devices, along with prices.

Android Devices

     These our only a few of the devices, you can click the links to go see the prices and image.  Android is an Operating System company that is apart of Google and spreads to over thousands of different devices.  These are only a few of the popular Android tablets.