Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Free Software gives 15+ GB's of cloud storage!

Cloud storage for business and or family's.

Hello Copy is a new Cloud storage company like Skydrive, iCloud, and Google Drive.  What is unique about Copy is its design and interface.  It even includes 15 GB's when you sign up, wait want more!  Well first off click here.  Clicking there takes you to a refferal link.  When you sign up through someones refferal link you and that person well get 5 more GB's free, for every refferal!  Imagine how much free cloud storage you can get.  Also, if you follow them on twitter through clicking on your profile on the top right you can get two more GB's!  See on the right top corner of the screenshot below I have 17 GB's.   Want to see their YouTube video on how it works then click here!  Copy even lets you "Split the bill" for who pays the subscription so if you own a company you can "Split the bill" with several people.  Then give everyone in your company cloud service!

First Copy has personal plans the FREE plan which I am using starts you out with 15 GB's and it says or bigger because you can earn GB's through referring your own link.  Plan 250 is $9.99/month or $99 a year and includes 250 GB's of cloud storage.  The Pro 500 plan is $14.99/month and $149/year for 500 GB's.
100 GB plan is $399/year and has no per user fee.  So that is 100 GB's for every worker.  The 250 GB plan is $699/year that gives 250 GB's to each year as well. Lastly the 500 GB plan for companies cost $999/year! That's how they make their money and offer free service.
Here is my refferal link and proof of 5 GB's per refferal.

One question many people well ask is.  Can you trust this software with your files.  With Copy you can!  How I know you can?  Well they are owned by Barracuda Networks which is a company that makes firewall systems for companies.
Also, the Charlotte airport uses their firewall system which you might have noticed through other adds in other airports as well.

Google Play - Download their app
iTunes - Download their app