Saturday, May 4, 2013

Intel New Graphics Iris™

     According to #Intel, new graphics well be coming out #4thGenCore processor family.  This #4thGenCore processor well be called Iris. According to, Iris well increase twice the speed and performance over 3rd Intel Gen Core. Iris well be lightweight and intended for small Ultrabooks, notebooks, all in ones.

  • 2X 3D performance over Intel HD Graphics especially for Ultrabooks with their U-series processors
  • 2X 3D performance for Mobile H-Series processors with High Speed Memory known as eDRAM
  • 3X 3D performance for desktop R-Series processors and eDRAM
  • Practically half the weight
  • 17X speedier when performing video conversios
  • 25X faster graphics performance

Also according to Intel "Sinces 2006 Intel has increased the processors 3D performance 75X as marked on 3DMark06."