Saturday, May 4, 2013

First Solar Powered airplane to fly around the world!

  This is the world's first solar powered airplane, that can travel around the world without a single ounce of fuel!  This plane took off from Northern California on Friday for a first leg of the trip around the world.  In its flight it well land in Phoenix, Dallas Fort Worth airport in Texas, Lambert-St.Louis airport, Dulles airport in Washington, and New York's John F. Kennedy airport.  Each stop well last ten days and the flight to each stop well be about nineteen through twenty five hours long.  The flight is so long because it is a first attempt of the solar powered airplane and it costs $140,000,000!  Borschberg and Piccard are the founders of the team who started this project, and want to show people what you can do with solar power.  Yet this plane only travels at 40 mph and weighs as much as a car. 

Source:  The Charlotte Observer