Saturday, May 18, 2013

EA fixes DOS attacks on BF3!

After an agitating week Electronic Arts has finally fixed the Denial Of Service Attacks.  EA before fixing the DOS attacks updated the Battlelog before hand.  Which angered people because they updated that first instead of the connection problems.  But now the problem is fixed and people can play the game yet again. Here is the new Battelog look.  If you notice in the right hand side of the task bar every now and then you'll see this new program pop up called ESN Sonar it says launch Battlelog and mute speakers and mute micraphone   Also, On the lower right of the screen on Battelog it says not in voice.  I didn't even know BF3 had VOIP.  I Googled it and it said it did but I looked it up and it's only when you drag your friends to the com center. I think BF3 should have VOIP like MO:WF.  I well be making a video montage on my first game back after a week or so of not playing due to the DOS attack.

Below is what happens when you mouse over the tabs the first one you see your players level and EXP.