Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BF4 Multiplayer Demo announced June 10th!

Finally EA has announced the demo of BF4's online multiplayer which well be June 10th!

To skip the more and find out the important stuff go to their Facebook page here:

To find out more go to their Google+ page here:

What do you think?  Can you wait for BF4 multiplayer demo?  I just want to see it so I don't get frustrated about how they are trying to make the single player campaign the big focus.  Post your comments here and what your looking forward to in BF4.  Also, are you in the beta?  I am.  Let's hope they at least updated the multiplayer because that's why I play BF3 what about you?  Do you think EA is going to kill BF4?  Your opinions are welcomed.  Websites posts are now handled through Google+ . Follow this blog!