Thursday, April 4, 2013

                                           Real Racing

     Real Racing is a game created by EA, and has been out sense 2009.  Real Racing is on its squeal called Real Racing 3.  In 2009 Real Racing was a game you had to pay for.  EA has now made Real Racing 3 a freemium.  As you all should know freemium is a game or service that has you pay for in-game items (optional) , yet some games make you have to buy those items to win or go further along in the game play.  Real Racing 3's in game store consists of its currency R$, or tokens.  You can earn R$ or tokens by winning racing or just by doing well with in the races.  Also you can earn in game cash by leveling up your driver level which also is obtained by racing.  Real Racing consists of real car manufacturers such as Audi, Bugatti, Nissan, Ford, Pagani, Porsche,  Lamborghini, McLaren and several others.  You can upgrade your cars parts such as the engine and body of to 5 or 4 levels depending on the car.  Which also increases your car's speed.  Real Racing 3 uses a system called TSM which stands for Time Shifted Multiplayer.  Whenever you are connected to wi-fi it syncs to the game servers and resets other peoples best scores.  You are really racing against real people's best scores in the multiplayer not against them in real time.  So you can play with our wi-fi.  It just should be connected every now and then to sync the scores.  You can log in to your Facebook profile or have a profile name as guest_######.


  • Many car manufactures to chose cars from.
  • Available on Apple and Android devices.
  • Great graphics


  • A freemium game.  (This game does not make you pay to win, but you pay anyways once your addicted unless you have good self control.)
  • TSM/ Time Shifted Multiplayer.

  • Kills battery life fast.
     Over all I think Real Racing 3 is a great freemium game produced by EA.  Real Racing 3's pro's out number the cons.  Also, if you love racing, NASCAR, and gaming, you should give this a try.

Rating: 9.5/10