Thursday, April 4, 2013

Real Racing 3 - Unlimited money hack

The title speaks for it self.

Have you wanted to buy every car in the game?  And not really have all of the time in the world to play and earn the in-game money?  Well I am posting a link to download an Unlimited money hack that gives you 999,999,999 R$ and tokens.  This only works for Android devices!  

Note: It's not actually unlimited but enough to buy everything.

Important: It restarts your driver level!  You do not need to be rooted or bootloader unlocked.


  1. Connect android device to your computer.
  2. If windows a window (no pun intended), well pop up, than click open device to view files. On any other type of computer like a mac, open the storage of the device you connected.
  3. Look for the data of your android until you see files that have something like this.  .comrealracing3/ea or ea/realracing3.  
  4. Open that folder.
  5. Copy the doc folder to a safe place if you ever want to get rid of the hack then delete that doc folder from the games folder.
  6. Now drag the doc folder from the .rar folder to the Real Racing 3 folder.
  7. Wait until its ready to eject your device.
  8. Eject the device.
  9. Run Real Racing 3, and there you have it! 999,999,999 R$ and tokens. 0 Driver level again :( 
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