Friday, April 12, 2013

Learn to code! 101010101 <--- Haha Troll

Want to be a coder?  Want a simple free way to learn at your own pace with out a teacher?  Then visit .  To support please follow their twitter and share them on Facebook.  Ok so now go to the learn tab on the top right. is basically a website that tells you why you should learn how to code and where you can learn for free.  I prefer Codecademy and Khan Academy, but for all I care visit each site and try them on your self.  Want cool tools ore to become a Facebook developer or to be able to make your own Android app?  Well to become a Facebook developer and be able to use their free tools and tutorials as all of these sites provide go to your address bar and go to,  All you have to do from there is register, then you become a Facebook developer and be able too loose all of there free tools and learn through there videos.  Now for learning on how to make your very own Android app, visit  Now go learn to code!