Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to WATCH your Mobile Data Usage :)

     We all know AT&T and other cell phone carriers have stopped the Unlimited Data plan, except for Sprint because they think the are special.  Yet Sprint has the worst cell phone coverage.  You might even be the type of person that accidently went over your data usage. Weather or not you were keeping track of your data or you just don't even know that you should be monitoring your data usage.  Because, you're a kid    and just don't care because you don't pay money for the plan when you or a child goes over the plan.  Then you get charged even more at the end of the month!  If you're not a kid and don't use your phone that much and you go over your data.  You start thinking.....  WHAT THE!!!  After you see the charge on your monthly bill.  So I well be showing some TipsNTricks to stay with in your data plan. :D
     Pretty much all smartphone applications use some of your mobile data plan.  You just need to find the ones that use the most and remove them.  Except for YouTube, why?  YouTube uses the most data on your phone because it's using that data to stream videos through the WWW (World Wide Web) to your phone.  To solve that problem just don't watch many videos unless you are connected to wi-fi.  When you are connected to wi-fi you don't use your data plan.
     To monitor other application data or just your data plan usage, download the app My Data Manager.
Download Android version through Play Store.
Download IOS version through iTunes.
On the page of the link you clicked there is a simple video that tells you what the application does.  On the Play Store the application has a 4.9 rating.  46,205 people rated My Data Manager five stars while 645 people rated the application one star.  Which is probably when it first came out.  Most applications are buggy when they first come out.
          So if you are on AT&T you should have a couple of contacts that came with your phone.  The one we are talking about today well be labeled as Data Usage.  If you don't have the number and are in AT&T the number is *3282#.  What this does is run a thing called a USSD code.  What ever that is, :D.  And then you well get a text message that shows your current data.  As well as the date it re-starts, which is the same day every month!
     Once you have that number of the data guess the percentage of %100 and enter it on the My Data Manager app.  The part where you click set up.  Then enter the cycle start date, which was provided in the text message you received.
     Also for security and data usage measurement go download the FREE AVG Security application.
- Download for AVG antivirus FREE through Googles Play Store
Now go to your Android widgets and place the AVG widget then go to the app.  Once you go to the AVG app you have to register, just enter your e-mail.  Click on the performance option, then set data usage.  Fill out the data you got on the text message from the Data Usage contact.

There you go!  Now don't go over your data limit!

Note: I was going to make a video for it but my camera person ditched me to enjoy her sunday, then I tried to make a video using my PC's camera and it all got screwed up.  I well make a blooper attempt of making the video though.  Once I get a better camera I well make it.