Friday, April 5, 2013

Have a website or blog or YouTube channel? Want to get page views or video views?

Great Steps!

Clicking the above links takes you to  wikihow.  This page shows you a set of 23 useful steps to bring your site page views.  Also read the below services.

Link Collider

Link Collider is a great and free service.  You earn tokens every day by tweeting and following people on twitter.   Also auto surfing earns you tokens.  With these tokens you can create back links.  Back links are incoming links or inbound links.


To find out more click Add you website free on my homepage widget!  Then put the widget on your site to gain page views! Clicking this takes you to their site and shows you a video that shows you what the widget does.  Click the link on that widget because it gives me page views!  If you use that widget from their me and you both get page views!