Friday, April 12, 2013

(Evita) HTC One X

This is a post that I well especially be doing about the Evita HTC One X.  Evita basically says that the phone is an AT&T, Telus and Rogers.  Also anything to do about hacking those devices well be posted here as well.  The AT&T HTC One X once updated runs 3.18 firmware and Android Jeallybean 4.1 along with Sense 4+.  At the moment the AT&T HTC One X or any device with this software can not be rooted.  I well post when it can, along with a step by step guide.
 AT&T's One X                                                                                           Roger's One X

Telus One X looks the same as the Roger's One X.  The main way to tell the difference between Roger's and Telus is the boot animation.  Of course, AT&T states the obvious.