Friday, April 12, 2013


BF3 Premium Double XP event (3/15/2013)

Premium BF3 Players have a Double XP event that last's for 72 hours starting onthe 15th of March.

BF3 End Game , thoughts so far.  (3/14/2013)

End Game for BF3 is a good final expansion for BF3.  Hopefully this says something about the future BF4, that it well be greater and better, that is if EA/DICE has learned from there experience with making the Battlefield series.  The new map Sabalan Pipeline is a great snow filled map for first person shooters.  As we all know the best thing about Battlefield is the freaking ginormous maps!  On Sabalan Pipeline there is a building site with a oil station thing, on one side of the map.  Many tree's and it's good for sniping.  We as players just need some snow camo to unlock.   Kaisar Railroad is especially fun, with ramps to jump over rivers on the new dirt bike!  Kaisar Railroad I having only played like twice seems to be good for the medic and engineer class.  There are also several good sniping spots, but with all of these tanks we have got to be on the move.  I myself have only played Nebandan Flats once and it was in Air Superiority, which is completely different view of the map then if you were to play it regularly.  The new, old Capture the Flag mode is great faced paced action, where the new dirt bikes really come in handy.  Yet be careful people surround the flags with mines.  Darn! Noob's with a strategy!  Air Superiority is fun yet EA and DICE made a mistake.  The didn't make enough air planes especially for the 64 vs 64 dog fights or the 32 vs 32 dog fights on the PC.  In those rooms it is pretty tough and agitating to get in.  Anyways Air Superiority is like a zone control with blimps as the bases.  A good thing though is that you get unlocks for the jets and air vehicles fast.  End Game is a good final expansion pack but could use some fixes like the Air Superiority for PC.