Friday, April 26, 2013

Ajay Bhatt

How humble USB turned engineer into tech 'rock star'
            We all know about the USB device that connects other devices to computers.  USB happens to stand for Universal Serial Bus, which means a connection technology for attaching peripheral devices to a computer which provides fast data exchange.  What we might not know is the guy who invented it.  Ajay Bhatt, is the inventor of the USB in which we all use today.  Now they are just being improved by others and made smaller and smaller.  Just like Apples new USB for their new iPod's.  Without Ajay Bhatt, we would probably have lot less of a use for technology.  The USB connects your cell phones, external hard drives, cameras,  wireless mice and many others.  Ajay Bhatt has been an engineer at Intel.  Whenever he walks into computer, tech companies he is treated like a rock star!
Post about Ajay Bhatt an engineer from Intel.  Their should be an Ajay Bhatt day!