Saturday, March 16, 2013

STEAM Powered by Valve

STEAM is an online social gaming network/platform, supported for Windows and Mac. With STEAM you have to register, then you have to register different accounts for the games, of course. Once you go to the STEAM platform you can go to the store and see many different games. Search the games by genre name or even click the options to search for such as free to play. Free to play is a game that, obviously, is free to play, yet some of these games make you pay to win. So you have to research the game and see how people talk about it also watch game video reviews to make sure you don't have to pay to win. Unless of course you want to. STEAM lets you be social, even through games that are not online. All you have to do is while in game click shift+F1, yes you still have to have friends on your STEAM friend's list. Once you click shift+F1 you can chat with your STEAM friends, go browse the web, and log into Facebook. STEAM also gives you free voice chat with your friends and lets you record your game and take amazing screenshots! Many games are available on STEAM all except EA games, sadly you have to download Orgin EA's rip off of STEAM. In my opinion Orgin is ok but we well get to that later. So if you're a gamer and want to have a gaming platform like STEAM download it! Also say a game like a new Call of Duty comes out. You do not even have to wait in line, you can get it before everyone else just go to STEAM find it, buy it, and download, than laugh at all your friends waiting in line. Link to STEAM: